By now, the stable Ca’n Conet offers more than 17 generous, light boxes, which all are 3 by 4 m of size and have their own window and automatic watering place. Boxes are built according to strict German animal protection norms. Social contacts among horses are possible, but without inflict damage on each other.

A stud box or quarantine box is available, as well as a 8 x 3 m foal box, a small 20 by 40 m riding location with sprinkler system and floodlight, a large dressage square with 20 x 60 m and a longeing circle. Furthermore, we have a large cleaning place including shower.

We treat all horses with so much attentiveness and fondness as they were our own.

High quality feeding stuff

We use high quality feeding stuff only, besides concentrated feed our horses get hay and straw! Horses get 4 or 5 meals per day. Besides boxes with daily paddock walks, we offer a pure open stable keeping as well. Can Conet has the motto „We treat the horse, – not the person!“

Appropriate keeping

An appropriate keeping of the horses is important to us, which makes daily visits to range land possible. Totalling 45.000sqm, separated in 7 large paddocks, horses can let off steam daily.

„First we care about the horse – than about the person.“